self doubtEveryone faces self- doubt.

Anne Hathaway received the Golden Globe Award for her work in Les Miserable referring to the prestigious award in her acceptance speech as a “lovely blunt object that she will forever use as a weapon against self-doubt.”   (View her speech here if you’d like )

Kobe Bryant, arguably one of the most successful basketball players of our time, Tweeted about his own battle with self-doubt after a devastating LA Lakers loss to the rival Clippers causing major news outlets across the country to write about the revealing 140 character message –

No matter what someone’s station in life, self-doubt creeps into our minds and shapes people’s actions and reactions on a regular basis.   Using fours steps of analysis, self-doubt can be defined, understood, clarified and resolved in a matter of a few sessions.  Breaking old habits takes work and creating new thought patterns takes practice.  Learn and master the four steps in our course Transforming Self-Doubt Into Personal Mastery.

Whether you are personally challenged or working with clients and looking for new ways to delve deeper into the sources of and reasons for self-doubt this interactive deep-dive will uncover new techniques that can be immediately mastered generating positive outcomes.