“When I signed up for this course it was because I needed CCEs before the end of the year and the timing aligned well with my calendar. I had no idea I was going to get such a personalized experience where the content application was so tailored to not only my own work but the work of the other attendees.  This was an amazing course and a fanstastic week with colleagues I would have never met otherwise.” 

Stephanie Nieto Johnson, MSW PCC

President, Transformative Development Solutions, Inc., San Jose, CA

“What a wonderful experience.  It was a pleasure to participate in this webinar.  Carolyn, thanks for your leadership and questions designed to ensure that we were truly engaged.  Thanks for the discount as well.  Have a wonderful holiday everyone and, definitely a successful 2023.”

Barbara Tolliver-Haskins, MBA, PCC

Founder, Executive Coaching Solutions, Jacksonville, FL

“The classes I listened to were great!!!!!!  They really helped me frame my upcoming discussion with the VP’s of HR, Legal and our Expats.  I have 15 minutes to present my slides on building a coaching culture which I introduced as a topic a year ago, when I had just set out to obtain my coaching certification.  I can share that I was not as confident in myself as I am today.”

Elizabeth Phillips, CPC,

Head of HR & Administration, Cambridge, MA

“I recently took 3 courses with the Elevar Group – Transforming Self-Doubt Into Personal Mastery, Coaching High Performing Teams and Coaching for Emotional and Psychological Safety.
All 3 courses :
– were relevant and well structured
– guided my reflections in a meaningful manner
– provided interaction and sharing amongst participants in a lively and safe space
– were led by Carolyn Thompson with great precision and care”

Sajili Shirodkar

Life and Leadership Coach, Adjunct Professor Mumbai, India

“I found the Elevar courses quite by accident as I was searching to round out my training for “re-certification” and I sure am glad that I did. The two courses that I took were fabulous….What they gave me:

An in-depth knowledge of the content. Complete with both the concept, the practical application and the student discussion
Carolyn knows her subject and is a master at engaging all of the students to share their experiences, which makes it a much richer experience.
The timing is great….2 hours in three days. I found myself thinking of the subject matter all day and eagerly coming to class the next day.
In some classes I find my mind wondering or feeling bored. NOT the case here, every minute is engaging and filled with new material
It is great value for the money.
I am a seasoned coach of 20 years and these courses inspired me.

All the best,”

Vickie Bevenour

Business and Success Coach, Raleigh, NC

“I feel like I not only earned CCE’s but got some valuable coaching and learned a lot. A sincere thank you.”
Kay Whitmore

Business and Success Coach, Raleigh, NC, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, ACC, VP of HR, Portland, ME

“I love your courses- fun, interactive with real case studies. Great, straight forward tools and models to help with my clients.”
Gigi Garnder

Executive Coach, San Francisco, CA

“I was able to obtain the CCEs I needed in the time frame I needed them and I really enjoyed the course I chose.”
Joanna Kirke

Executive Leadership Coach, Toronto, ON

“Carol Goldsmith has developed the most down to earth, practical model of NLP principles for coaches, The NLC Coaching Course. Her model is clear and so easy to grasp. The collateral workbook is a great resource. I finally see how I can use these wonderful NLP tools to help clients move from being stuck to succeeding.

Carol is a tremendous teacher and coach. She has developed a beautiful way of presenting the NLP concepts to actually use for myself as well as with clients. She provides lots of examples throughout the course that highlight the concepts and keys to moving foreword. What’s more, Carol effectively models the concepts as she engages the class.

One of the best coaching courses I have taken!”

Marilyn Feinstein

Coach, Denver, CO

“Incredible class, awesome instructor, invaluable learning experience. I wish I’d had this course and others from Carol as part of my Coach U training. NLC not only makes the core competencies much clearer, it also gives me the tools to employ the competencies in a much more effective way than anything I’ve learned up to this point.

Carol makes the learning fun, relaxed, humorous….a great environment to soak in the material. I always looked forward to the classes and they went by so fast! Thank you!!!”

Liz McKenzie

Coach & Elevar student

“Thank you again for another thoughtful presentation. Your style of presenting is very smooth and includes many clarifying statements that bring simplicity to your ideas, e.g. using alliteration and phrases of/from wisdom. These are not only nice reminders to help us do our work better; they also give new perspectives on life and practice. Another true sign of a great coach!”
Sally Seppanen

Washington, DC

“Thank you so very much for today’s Advanced Core Competencies course, The Purpose-Driven Question. In a word, I thought it was AWESOME! Truly. Carol — I so appreciate your wisdom, your skill as a teacher and facilitator, and the clarity and applicability of the content that you delivered. As a result, I left with some very concrete and powerful take-aways that I’m certain will influence my coaching in a direct and positive way. It’s a delight to encounter a course that so emphatically delivers on its promise.”
Steve Heller

PCC, Lorton, VA

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