When one person on a team always has to be right, no one benefits, writes author and speaker Bernard Marr. Stubbornness — the “my way or the highway” approach — gets you nowhere.

Consider how your group or team communicates with each other.  One of the major communication factors for teams, particularly high performing teams, is that they have their own language.  This is great for them but brings up transition issues as team members transition in and out for promotions or personal leave. Replacement members need to have a strong orientation that includes the language of the team so they are up to speed quickly and can establish rapport with the group from the get-go.  Language barriers are one of the most divisive issues teams face so ensure your on-boarding programs include participation from ALL members of the team, not just the leader.  Consider having each person pick a topic to work on with the new member over the course of the first month or two so that they all get to know their new colleague personally and are all equally responsible for the success of the new member acclimation.

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