The Communications Styles Model has been in use for many years and has had many different iterations.  Taking this model and using it to create awareness and openness around unconscious bias makes this a powerful tool for leadership development professionals and executive coaches.   

The model uses 2 axis of Sociability and Dominance measurements as the model was originally created around to explore 4 Communications Styles of Supportive, Emotive, Reflective and Director.  Adding to this model an exploration of communication patterns people use because of habits they have adopted or “that’s just the way we have always done it” really allows people to uncover new awareness to unconscious biases that may be influencing them and others they are surrounded by.  

Considering almost 80% of people’s challenges are communication related, taking a deep dive into how people receive information and why they receive it that way is a powerful experience for employees and executives to identify what works well and where opportunities for improvement may exist.   

Allowing disruption to existing patterns opens up space for new thinking and awareness of biases, habits and creates space for new personal growth. 

Want to take a few hours to dissect your own habits and patterns? Join us for an upcoming live session or grab this title on demand and listen at your own pace.

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