Year over year, decade over decade, generational trends emerge in the workplace. Labels are often assigned, and workplace assumptions made, based upon years of experience, when and where someone entered the work place and many other factors forcing people into identifying groups.

No where is this more apparent than with the Millennials. They grew up with technology created by their predecessors and peers. They use social media to communicate and multi-task like no other workplace generational group has in the past. Now, they are becoming leaders, and they demand authenticity.
But what does that term really mean? How do leaders emerge from these close-knit groups and how do they adopt a management mindset focused on bottom line profitable results, not just having the most fun at work?  Coaching corporate leaders who want to be respected and promoted while at the same time remaining authentic to themselves and working efficiently so they can have more time to pursue personal interests is a challenging precipice many coaches are facing.

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