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Meet monthly as a group and individually as you like

1 year, 24 sessions (12 group, 12 individual) $9600.00 per year

Mastermind Application

Please list by title up to 3 choices. We will contact you before aligning your application with a cohort.
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I agree to keep all Elevar Group Mastermind information 100% confidential. This includes but is not limited to any and all information shared in group or one-on-one discussions, electronic, printed, copied and taped materials, membership and facilitator lists, emails, schedules, printed and non-printed communication, and all policies and procedures confidential. Failure to comply with this participant requirement may result in termination of my cohort membership without refund.
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Elevar Group annual mastermind membership and coaching programs are non-refundable and non-transferable. You can change to another group and/or coach facilitator once a year with advance notice.  Upon subscription, it may take a few weeks to align to a cohort based upon the cohort’s meeting schedule.  Cohorts require 75% or better attendance to remain eligible for the cohort. The Elevar Group reserves the right (with advance notice to registrants) to alter delivery methods and/or timing of events as registration levels and/or facilitator schedules may require.  Participation in an Elevar Group mastermind constitutes acceptance of our confidentiality policies and procedures in place to assure an outstanding experience for all members.