Beyond NLP-Introduction to NLC: Neuro-Linguistic Coaching – 18 CCEU’s

Neuro-Linguistic Coaching (NLC) is Carol Goldsmith’s reformulation of some of the most important concepts and models from the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) into powerful, practical coaching tools to help clients achieve breakthrough results. This course gives experienced coaches practice and feedback in using key NLC models and tools to coach clients, through classroom demos, exercises, and self-study assignments in between sessions.

Students will learn advanced Neuro-Linguistic Coaching models and tools to help clients break through self-limiting belief and behavioral patterns that may have been holding them back for decades. Coaching demos, exercises, discussions, and self-study assignments will tie the learning to one or more of the ICF core competencies. Tools and topics covered include: Building rapport through matching & mirroring of verbal and non-verbal language; content and context reframing; identifying and coaching clients’ motivational patterns; securing the client’s Commitment to Action; The Discovery Model’s 15 language patterns and corresponding coaching questions; using The Identity Map to coach the client’s “being” vs. “doing”; and how to change habitual patterns with the Success Rehearsal.

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Carol Goldsmith has developed the most down to earth, practical model of NLP principles for coaches, The NLC Coaching Course. Her model is clear and so easy to grasp. The collateral workbook is a great resource. I can see how I can use these wonderful NLP tools to help clients move from being stuck to succeeding.

Carol is a tremendous teacher and coach. She has developed a beautiful way of presenting the NLP concepts to actually use for myself as well as with clients. She provides lots of examples throughout the course that highlight the concepts and keys to moving foreword. What’s more, Carol effectively models the concepts as she engages the class.

One of the best coaching courses I have taken!

Marilyn Feinstein, Denver, CO


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