ADVANCED CORE COMPETENCIES – 2-24 CCEs in core competencies – Earn 2 to 24 CCE credits with 12 individual 2 hour webinars, 2 CCEs each – 24  total Core Competency credits available toward (re)certification. Enjoy the entire webinar series from wherever you are, or join in whatever courses you wish.  Stretch, learn, and earn 2 -24 CCEs as you master the 11 ICF core coaching competencies faster than you ever imagined.

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Take the ENTIRE Advanced Core Competencies Series – 24 CCEs in core competencies – $2340

Session 1- Making Goals Happen
Session 2- Creating Rapid Rapport

Session3- The Purpose Driven Question™

Session 4- Intentional Listening™
Session 5- The Commitment Test™
Session 6- Breakthrough Questions
Session 7- The Art of the Reframe
Session 8- Mind Over Metaphor
Session 9- Assess, Don’t Assume
Session 10- The Success Rehearsal™
Session 11- The Perceptual Shift
Session 12- The Discovery Map™


Session 1 – Making Goals Happen – 2 CCEs in core competencies   – A goal is what you set. An outcome is what you get. Help your clients conceive and achieve what they really want using The Intelligent Outcome™ model. $195

Session 2 – Creating Rapid Rapport – 2 CCEs in core competencies   – Connect quickly and authentically with anyone (yes, anyone) using proven rapport-building techniques from NLP. Share your learning and help clients improve even the most difficult relationships. $195

Session 3 -The Purpose-Driven Question™ – 2 CCEs in core competencies  – If clients don’t know where they’re going, any question will take them there. Deepen and hasten the impact of your coaching with purposeful questions that begin with the end in mind. $195

Session 4 – Intentional Listening™ –2 CCEs in core competencies  – Even deeper than the activity of listening is intentionality. Intentional Listening™ focuses both client and coach on what’s being said beneath the surface. Help your clients hear with new ears as you practice Intentional Listening. $195

Session 5 – The Commitment Test™ – 2 CCEs in core competencies   – How can you assess and enhance your client’s commitment to action before the coaching session ends? By using The Commitment Test.™ Discover a quick yet probing tool that focuses the coaching on essential next steps.$195

Session 6 – Breakthrough Questions – 2 CCEs in core competencies – How can you speed stuck clients to a breakthrough? The answer is in your question. Discover five breakthrough questions that will help even the most stuck client gain awareness and rapid results.$195

Session 7– The Art of the Reframe – 2 CCEs in core competencies  – Just as a new frame changes a work of art, reframing changes a client’s mind. Learn key Sleight of Mouth patterns from NLP that challenge limiting beliefs and positively shift how clients think.$195

Session 8 – Mind Over Metaphor – 2 CCEs in core competencies – The  use of metaphor and analogy is a core coaching competency that is rarely taught. Learn how to craft compelling new narratives to replace your clients’ old stories. $195

Session 9 – Assess, Don’t Assume – 2 CCEs in core competencies   – People often make assumptions without awareness. That includes coaches. Spot the blanks that your clients are leaving — or that you’re filling in — and discover effective new ways to question assumptions. $195

Session 10 – The Success Rehearsal™ – 2 CCEs in core competencies  – The Law of Attraction meets a tangible coaching tool in The Success Rehearsal.™ Practice makes perfect as clients experience success in their minds, and then take action on their learning. Put the power of the subconscious to work with this inventive and practical coaching tool. $195

Session 11 – The Perceptual Shift – 2 CCEs in core competencies  – Conflict and hurt feelings often result from misreading others’ minds. The Perceptual Shift helps clients directly experience new possibilities for understanding and empathy. Learn a powerful NLP tool that teaches the lesson: “Interpretation does not equal intent.”$195

Session 12 – The Discovery Map™ – 2 CCEs in core competencies Discover 15 common language patterns that hinder clients’ understanding, and master 15 coaching questions that will unlock their learning. Turn barriers to awareness into portals for growth in this highly interactive Q&A session. $195