This week’s course was amazing.  The participants all had major takeaways and completely different backgrounds and experiences to share.  As coaches and HR professionals, holding the safe space for people to feel safe is a key value of both ICF Core Competencies.  Having the pleasure of holding that space open in a ICF continuing education course for experienced coaches was a real gift to our team at Elevar Group.

Its not every day that people who are working to create safe space get to have it themselves, and with people from multiple continents participating really made this week’s course special.  We all get caught up in our own routines, and are only as good as our own experiences allow us to be.  Sharing experiences the content around Emotional Safety and Psychological Safety with people from many countries opened so many doors of awareness for everyone who participated.  This course is offered a few times a year, but is also available on demand if you are interested in deeper exploration of this topic for yourself, your clients and your coaching practice. For more information on this course or to enroll visit